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没影:尘光闪烁 Meiying:Sparkling Dust

2024-06-14 - 2024-07-21

inner flow Gallery将于2024年6月14日推出艺术家没影的全新个展“尘光闪烁”,此次展览是艺术家继“白日梦游”和“Blooming in Light”后的第3次个展。展览将呈现艺术家近年来的两个重要系列作品,分别指向后消费主义时代弥漫的“尘”和关于人类原初爱与被爱的“光”。

inner flow Gallery is delighted to announce Meiying’s upcoming solo exhibition, “Sparkling Dust,” which will open on June 14, 2024. This marks the artist’s third solo exhibition, following “Dream White” and “Blooming in Light.” The exhibition will feature Meiying’s two new series of works completed in recent years. These series will emphasize the “dust” that characterizes the post-consumerism era, as well as the “light” associated with humanity’s fundamental need to give and receive love.


Before embarking on her career as a professional artist, Meiying diligently studied the history of global toys post Industrial Revolution. She also engaged in market research and toy design at renowned toy companies in the United States. Given the United States’ status as a leader in the global toy industry, plastic toys have been exported worldwide through cultural exchange and globalized trade within just a century. This environment significantly influenced Meiying’s upbringing, leading her to reflect on the intricate relationship between toys as sources of comfort for the spirit and symbols of consumerism.In her Toy House series, Meiying continues to depict “Hyde”, a girl who quietly explores the world by burying her head in clothes. Hyde is surrounded by a miniature world of toys, which provide her with spiritual solace during her moments of solitude. However, her eyes also reflect a sense of ignorance and innocence, suggesting a lack of genuine companionship. She feels lonely and desolate, relying on these substitutes to create a fantasy world exclusively for her spiritual nourishment.


The secular world is “dust,” which, in reality, is always shrouded in dust and fog. When the sun shines, the dust also turns into tiny dots with a faint glow. In Meiying’s new Sparkling Dust series, she sets aside the specific image of Hyde to depict a caregiver and cuddler among the sparkling dust in a more immersive way. Natural elements and characters unite in these paintings, and concrete people evolve into abstract spiritual forces. They are both mothers and children, caregivers and people eager for care. The “light” is not the divine halo associated with miracles in traditional religious paintings or the natural light reproducing the actual environment in realistic paintings. Instead, it is a kind of light that flickers with strange hues and is pantheistic. Illuminated by the spiritual light, everyone can calmly face external disturbances and tightly grasp the warm power of love and hope from the origin of life.

  • 日期: 2024-06-14 - 2024-07-21
  • 地点:北京 Beijing
  • 策展人:陈羽丰 Chen Yufeng
  • 艺术家:没影 Meiying
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