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巨物移动,身体失重 as mountain, as feather

2024-05-04 - 2024-06-09

inner flow Gallery将于2024年5月4日推出群展「巨物移动,身体失重」。此次展览将把画廊的建筑结构视为一个整体,呈现包蓉、胡佳艺、金佳辰、李泽韬、王婧、谢堃、周皞、张婕、赵宇共9位艺术家的作品。展览模拟一种面对无法撼动的巨大体系所产生的思维幻觉,和肉身对抗自然规律带来的极端生理反应。希望通过9位艺术家的创作和思考,触发我们本能层面最原初的感受。本次展览由陈羽丰策划,将于五四青年节开幕。

inner flow Gallery presents the group exhibition: as Mountain, as Feather, launching on May 4, 2024. The exhibition considers the gallery’s architectural structure as a unified whole, showcasing works by Bao Rong, Hu Jiayi, Jin Jiachen, Li Zetao, Wang Jing, Xie Kun, Zhou Hao, Zhang Jie, and Zhao Yu. It stimulates a mental illusion that arises from facing an unyielding massive system and the extreme physiological response to challenging natural laws. Through the works and reflections of nine artists, it aims to evoke our most primal instincts. Curated by Chen Yufeng, the exhibition coincides with China’s Youth Day.

巨物移动 as mountain


This colossal, silent entity wears many faces and latent forms, revealing one at a time and hiding another in the next moment. No one can stand from an all-encompassing perspective to behold this mysterious creature in its entirety. It stands motionless, exuding a sense of steadily encroaching pressure that is marvellous, enticing, and fraught with danger, akin to the collapse of a swamp.

身体失重 as feather


The aircraft moves through a dimly lit tunnel, prolonged darkness blurring vision and consciousness. Ineffectual resistance forces the surrender of control, and the spiritual essence contends with unfamiliar emotions like a caged animal. A momentary jolt reconnects with the body, resembling a lucid dream and revealing the separation of the naked soul from relinquished flesh, returning from harmony to chaos.


The story unfolds…



The reference to “mountain” often evokes a supernatural presence in science fiction films, embodying a sublime beauty tinged with terror. The rapid pace of technological advancement, overproduction, and rampant hormonal proliferation has given birth to many fable-like mountains. Immersed in this surreal reality, humanity’s innate animalistic instincts begin to contract. During intense focus, the mind detaches in a “feather-like” manner as suppressed inner emotions strive to transcend the physical realm, confronting fear and desolation with frenzied passion.

The attitude towards “new alienation” and “bare life” shapes the current social landscape, with artists navigating this complex terrain becoming vital benchmarks for societal critique. While individual artists cannot claim total omniscience, they possess the ability to break through conventional narratives, analysing and critiquing society through experience and intuition.
关于艺术家 Artists
包蓉 Bao Rong
1997年出生于中国。她曾就读于中国美术学院,并在2021年获得美国芝加哥艺术学院的学士学位,于2023年获得了英国皇家艺术学院的硕士学位。她的作品获得了显著的认可,包括被中国尤伦斯艺术中心评选为十大新锐艺术家之一,并入围了2022年英国New Contemporaries。2023年她还获得了英国皇家雕塑家协会颁发的Gilbert Bayes大奖和the COLAB、皇家艺术学院、约克郡雕塑公园颁发的毕业生奖,这标志着她在艺术界的重要地位。她在英国Saatchi画廊的首次个展“包蓉是我”,不仅是她职业生涯的一个重要里程碑,也是该知名场馆首次邀请来自中国的女性艺术家举办大型个展。

Rong Bao, born in 1997 in China. She used to study at the China Academy of Art and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, earned in 2021, and a Master of Arts from the Royal College of Art, completed in 2023. Her work has garnered notable recognition, including being selected as one of the Top 10 emerging artists by China UCCA and shortlisted for New Contemporaries 2022. She has also received the prestigious Gilbert Bayes Award from the Royal Society of Sculptors and the Colab/Royal College of Art/Yorkshire Sculpture Park Graduate Award, marking her as a formidable force in the art world. “Rong Bao is Me,” Bao’s debut solo exhibition at Saatchi Gallery, not only marks a significant milestone in her career but also represents the first solo exhibition by a female Chinese artist at this renowned venue. Her academic achievements and the critical acclaim of her work underscore a career that is both rapidly ascending and deeply impactful, reflecting a profound engagement with the cultural and environmental issues of our time.
胡佳艺 Hu Jiayi

胡佳艺的作品曾在美国、欧洲和亚洲等各地展出,她的近期展览包括:铁蒺藜,胡佳艺个展,澳门牛房仓库,澳门,2023;Living in the New Century:1989年以来的中国媒体艺术,Ulsan美术馆,蔚山,韩国,2022;美好生活,上海外滩美术馆,上海,中国,2022;未名河,三影堂艺术中心,北京,中国,2022;水体-上海双年展,上海当代艺术博物馆,上海,中国,2021;开放的身体媒介牛房仓库,澳门,2021;亲密,威尼斯利奥凡提电影节,意大利,2020;本色出演,奕来画廊,美国,2019。胡佳艺曾获2015年、2018年两届罗中立奖学金;第七届新星星艺术节新星星奖,新星星十周年青年艺术奖;SAYA菁英国际青年艺术家计划2016年度成都当代美术馆特别奖;2018年约翰莫尔绘画奖入围;2021年华宇青年奖入围。胡佳艺于2015年受邀参加上海喜马拉雅美术馆与韩国光州市立美术馆主办的驻留项目,在韩国驻地创作;2017年参加501序空间与英国曼彻斯特华人艺术中心主办的驻留项目,并于英国举办展览。2023年受邀参加澳门牛房仓库的驻留项目。

Born in Turpan, Xinjiang in 1993, Hu Jiayi’s work, whether through materials or actions, is characterized by its naturalness, sincerity, and strong intuition. She explores various domains of daily society through mediums such as performance, imagery, photography, installation, and painting. As an individual, Hu Jia Yi is often described with terms like ineloquent and cruel. As a woman, she has never been associated with labels of weakness, a direct reflection of the power conveyed in her work.
Hu Jiayi’s works have been exhibited in various locations across the United States, Europe, and Asia. Recent exhibitions include “Caltrops”, Solo Exhibition by Hu Jiayi”, Ox Warehouse, Macau, 2023; “Living in the New Century: Chinese Media Art Since 1989”, Ulsan Museum of Art, Ulsan, South Korea, 2022; “The Good Life”, Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai, China, 2022; “Unnamed River”, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Beijing, China, 2022; “Bodies of Water – Shanghai Biennale”, Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China, 2021; “Open Body Media”, Ox Warehouse, Macau, 2021; “INTIMACY”, Venice Leofanti Film Festival, Italy, 2020; “Becoming – Experimental” Video Works, Eli Klein Gallery, New York, America, 2019.
Hu Jiayi has been awarded the Luo Zhongli Scholarship in 2015 and 2018, New Star Art Awards at the 7th New Star Art Festival, The 10th Star Art Award, 2016 SAYA Embrace Project Annual Exhibition Special Award at the Chengdu MoCA in 2016, and was a finalist for the John Moores Painting Prize in 2018 and the HuaYu Youth Award in 2021. Hu Jiayi was invited to participate in the 2015 Shanghai Himalayas Museum Artist-in-Residence Programme. In 2017, she participated in a residency exchange program organized by 501 Xu Space and the Manchester Chinese Arts Center in the UK, where she held an exhibition. In 2023, she was invited to participate in a residency program at Ox Warehouse in Macau.
金佳辰 Jin Jiacheng

1993年出生于甘肃。2022年硕士毕业于日本爱知县立艺术大学油画与版画专业,2015年本科毕业于天津师范大学油画专业。目前工作生活于日本。其创作媒介以丙烯、色粉、棉布为主,通过颜料与水、棉布的融合渗透,捕捉灵魂与物质接触时产生的图像。个展包括:An elephant in my heart,弥金画廊×BACKSTAGE ART,上海;ママ、私の心臓の中には小さな象がいる,Gallery 美の舎,东京;走る獣,Hidari Zingaro,东京;目之盐、耳之海,Prime Studio、名古屋。 入选及获奖:古川美術館F Award入选,2022;Gallery美之舍,选拔展,亚军,2022;第7回星乃珈琲优秀赏2022;GEISAI 22 审查员Madsaki赏、荷尔拜因赏,2023

Jin Jiachen, born in Gansu in 1993. Graduated from Aichi  University of The Arts in 2022, majoring in Oil Painting and Printmaking. Currently, she resides and works in Japan. Her creative medium mainly involves acrylics, pigments, and cotton canvas. Through the fusion and permeation of pigments, water, and cotton canvas, she captures the images that arise when the soul and matter come into contact.
Her education Background: Master’s Degree in Oil Painting and Printmaking from Aichi University of The Arts, 2022; Bachelor’s Degree in Oil Painting from Tianjin Normal University, 2015
Her major Exhibitions in Recent Years: “GEISAI#22”, Tokyo, 2023; “ART NAGOYA 2023”, Nagoya, 2023; Solo Exhibition: “Salt of the Eyes, Sea of the Ears”, Prime Studio, Nagoya, 2022; “3331 ART FAIR”, Tokyo, 2021; “Painting Circuit”, Aichi Arts Center X, Nagoya, 2020;Selections and Awards: Fukagawa Art Museum F Award – Selected, 2022;Gallery Binosha Selection Exhibition – Second Place, 2022;The 7th Hoshino Contest Award, 2022;GEISAI 22 – Madsaki Jury Award, Holbein Art Award, 2023
李泽韬 Li Zetao

1997年出生于湖南长沙,2019年毕业于四川美术学院油画系获学士学位,2022年毕业于四川美术学院油画系获硕士学位,现工作生活于重庆。他近期的研究主要从一种“精疲力竭”的症状入手,通过处理相关的场景和事物,试图明晰这一症状背后的原因:是惩罚机制,还是奖励机制?是系统的规训,还是绩效的考核?这个社会让人产生一种精疲力竭的状态,会一直循环吗?在某种状态下能停止吗?近期展览包括:折叠·覆盖,鸿坤美术馆&绘画艺术坏蛋店,北京,2022;我也在想 What i’m thinking is,OUTSIDER GALLERY,郑州,2023;动态刷新:四川美术学院青年艺术家驻留计划,四川美术学院美术馆,重庆;作品集Ⅱ,ARR GALLERY 杭州,2024

Li Zetao was born in Changsha, Hunan in 1997. He graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute with a bachelor’s degree in 2019 and obtained his master’s degree from the same department in 2022. Currently, he lives and works in Chongqing. His recent research primarily focuses on the symptom of “exhaustion,” aiming to elucidate the underlying causes through the exploration of relevant scenes and objects: is it a punishment mechanism or a reward mechanism? Is it the result of systemic discipline or performance assessment? Does society perpetuate a state of exhaustion in individuals, and is it possible to break this cycle under certain circumstances?
Recent exhibitions include: “Folding·Covering”, Hongkun Museum of Fine Art & Painting Art Villain Store, Beijing, 2022; “What I’m Thinking Is”, OUTSIDER GALLERY, Zhengzhou, 2023;”Dynamic Refresh”, Art Museum of SCFAI, Chongqing, 2023; “Portfolio II”, ARR GALLERY, Hangzhou, 2024

王婧 Wang Jing

1996年出生于山西。2018年本科毕业于四川美术学院,2022年研究生毕业于中央美术学院 ,现工作生活于重庆。作品通常以自然为基础,同时开启对生活与诗歌的第二次觉察。截取朦胧的感受与断片式的瞬时记忆,并与情感勾连,不止于图式与色彩。而脱离于形象之外的的细微线条和色块锋利地形成难以定义的抽象形式。尝试以自身的私密视角触及非理性的深处,延长着极度日常状态中的复杂思绪。

近期展览包括:田野笔记field notes,新氧艺O2ART,北京,中国,2024;不太纯粹理性批判,SIMULACRA拟像,北京,2023;献给阿尔吉侬的花束,ARCH GALLERY拱形画廊,长沙,2023;动态刷新——四川美术学院青年艺术家驻留汇报展,四川美术学院美术馆,重庆,2023;罗中立奖学金,芒果美术馆,长沙;青年艺术100,嘉德艺术中心,北京,2022;第五届中国青年版画展,中国版画博物馆,深圳,2019

Wang Jing was born in Shanxi in 1996. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 2018 and completed her master’s degree at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2022. Now she lives and works in Chongqing. Her works typically revolve around nature as a foundation while simultaneously embarking on a second awareness of life and poetry. She captures hazy feelings and fragmented instantaneous memories, intertwining them with emotions that go beyond mere forms and colours. The subtle lines and blocks of colour outside of imagery sharply form indefinable abstract forms. Through her intimate perspective, she endeavours to touch the depths of irrationality, prolonging complex thoughts within extreme daily states.
Recent exhibitions include: “2024 Field Notes”, O2art Space, Beijing, China, 2024; “Critique of Not-so-pure Reason” at SIMULACRA, Beijing, 2023; “Flower for Algernon” at ARCH GALLERY, Changsha, 2023; “Dynamic Refresh”, Art Museum of SCFAI, Chongqing, 2023; “Luo Zhongli Scholarship”, Mango Art Museum, Changsha; “ART NOVA 100”, Guardian Art Center, Beijing, 2022; “The Fifth China Youth Prints Exhibition” at the China Printmaking Museum, Shenzhen, 2019

谢堃 Xie Kun 


个展包括:你说的都对,叁拾空间,北京,2022;尼采说的超人,悦美术馆,北京,2022;Non-existence,Take Ninagawa,东京,2018;让我们说说话吧,站台中国droom,北京,2017;重要群展包括:永昼,美成空间,深圳,2024;捕捉,站台中国,北京,2023;语言之蛊惑,槐轩,北京,2023;洛德世界2,野松画廊,深圳,2022;我与我的赋格曲,艺术仓库当代艺术中心,重庆,2022;不一定 ,幻艺术中心 ,北京,2021;开人器,爱慕美术馆,北京,2021;青年艺术图景, HARVEY GALLERIES,悉尼,2019;间隙,特拉华当代艺术馆,美国特拉华,2019;拉古纳国际艺术奖,军械库,意大利威尼斯,2019;何论东西,湖北美术馆,武汉,2017;走出牡丹亭,俄罗斯民族文化宫,俄罗斯圣彼得堡 ,2016;2017年获得威尼斯拉古纳国际艺术奖。14年获韩国E.LAND奖。2018获得桃葡湾最具人气艺术家奖。

Xie Kun was born in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province in 1989. She graduated from the High School Affiliated to the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2007 and received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2011. In 2016, she completed her Master of Fine Arts degree from the same institution.  She is currently based in Beijing.
She’s skilled in painting and creating image installations, using various mediums to explore the formation of personal identity and solidify impressions. The power of the work comes partly from the mismatch between size and colour, and partly from the absurdity and temptation brought about by deconstructing and reconstructing everyday mediocrity. Xie Kun’s works wander between the reality that can be grasped and another world of fantasy and symbolism, presenting a symbol of self-extinction.
The works are exhibited at art institutions such as the Venice Armory, the Russian National Culture Palace, the Chinese Art Museum, the Temple of Supreme Harmony, and the Delaware Museum of Contemporary Art. Multiple works have been collected by institutions and individuals such as the White Rabbit Art Museum, Hubei Art Museum, and the Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum.
In 2017, won the Arte Laguna Prize. In 2014 won the E.LAND Creation Scholarship. Received the Most Popular Artist Award in Taopu Bay in 2018
Her solo exhibitions include: “Anomalisa”, Sense Gallery, Beijing, China, 2022; “Nietzsche’s Philosophy of Superman”, Enjoy-Art Museum, Beijing, China, 2022; “Non-existence”, Take Ninagawa, Tokyo, Japan, 2018; “Auto ART XieKun: Let’s Communicate Properly”, Platform China, Beijing, China, 2017  
Her group exhibitions include: “Polar Day”, Gallery MC, Shenzhen, China, 2024;”Bewitchment by Language”, HUAIXUAN, Beijing, China, 2023; “Capture”, Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Beijing, China, 2023; “LOD WORLD 2”, Issuing Gallery, Shenzhen, China, 2022; “Echo of the Fugue”, Art Depot Center, Chongqing, China, 2022; “Uncertain”, Dreamland Art Center, Beijing, China, 2021; “I”, AimerArt, Beijing, China, 2021; “Mind the Gap”, Delaware Art Museum, USA, 2019; “Prospect of Youth Art”, Harvey Galleries, Sydney, Australia, 2019; “Arte Laguna Prize”, Arsenale Nord, Venice, Italy, 2017; “Personal Favorites Coups de Coeur”, HuBei Museum of Art, Hubei, China, 2017; “Out to the Peony Pavilion”, Russia Cultural Palace of the National, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2016

张婕 Zhang Jie


Zhang Jie, born in 1993 in Kashgar, Xinjiang, obtained her Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in the Oil Painting Department from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 2021 and 2016 respectively. She currently lives and works in Chongqing. Zhang Jie’s artworks primarily focus on figurative painting, exploring the relationship between figurative painting and emotional expression through the refinement of everyday life fragments. Her works are filled with varying degrees of emotions, which she solidifies and preserves through the traces of painting, with the authentic and effective expression of emotions typically being the goal of her artwork.
Recent exhibitions include: “Terminal”, Radius Gallery, Xi’an, 2023; “In the Twinkling of an Eye”, STArtz’Gallery, Guiyang, 2023; “YAM Open Exhibition” at YellowBox Art Museum, Qingdao, 2021; “100 Meters above the Ground”, Beijing, 2021; “ZouCao”, Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing, 2019; “Annual Exhibition of the Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute”, CAEA Art Museum, Chongqing, 2020; “Reef”, Chinese Contemporary Art Museum, Chongqing, 2018; “Fresh Trend”, Hong Kong City Hall, Hong Kong, 2016; In 2021, her graduation work “Body Series” won the Porsche Master Scholarship at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, and in 2015, she was nominated for the Literature Library Award at the 22nd Student Works Annual Exhibition of the Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.

周皞 Zhou Hao 

1995年生于陕西西安,2018年毕业于西安美术学院。周皞的创作灵感大多来源于生活,作品中蕴含着幽默、诙谐及自嘲来表达艺术家对世界认识,呈现他对社会、政治、文化和人性问题的思考。绘画是一种传播媒介,链接着周皞与世界、与观众的关系。他擅长通过描绘简单直接的画面直击问题的本质,哪怕是一些丑陋肮脏的现象,在艺术家的画作中也展现了它们充满趣味的讽刺视角,从而引发观众对现实问题的关注。近期展览包括:玩偶之家,hiart space,北京,2024;油罐里的12幅画,油罐艺术公园,上海,2022

Born in Xi’an, Shaanxi in 1995, Zhou Hao graduated from Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts in 2018. Zhou Hao’s creative inspiration largely stems from life, imbuing his works with humour, wit, and self-deprecation to express the artist’s understanding of the world, showcasing his reflections on social, political, cultural, and human issues. Painting serves as the media, linking Zhou Hao with the world and the audience. He excels at directly addressing the essence of issues through depicting simple and straightforward images, even portraying some ugly and dirty phenomena with an intriguingly satirical perspective in his artworks, thereby arousing the audience’s attention to real-life issues.Recent exhibitions include: “Doll House”, hiart Space, Beijing, 2024; “12 Paintings in Tank”, Tank No. 1, Shanghai, 2022

赵宇 Zhao Yu

1993年出生于云南,现工作生活于重庆。分别于2020年和2017年在四川美术学院油画系取得了硕士以及学士学位。赵宇的作品倚重图像及其内在的语义。一方面,这些图像脱离了原有语境,图像与图像之间出现了一种错位感、断裂感,于是,一种分散的、非线性的叙事开始出现。另一方面,图像的形状成为画面视觉结构的重要因素,因为并置、解构手法的使用,使其打破单一的视觉与空间关系。赵宇曾入选多个绘画奖项以及艺术家驻留项目,包括2018年参加荷兰阿姆斯特丹 “记忆三角洲”青年艺术家驻留项目,2020年四川美术学院驻留项目,2023年华泰青年艺术家驻留项目等。

近期展览包括:新动能展,四川美术学院美术馆,重庆,2024;四川美术学院油画系年展30周年文献展,四川美术学院美术馆,重庆,2023;百川归海—海南疍家博物馆开馆展,疍家博物馆,海南,2023;中国表现,泰艺术中心,上海,2023;向墙壁发问,颂艺术中心,北京,2023;宇宙为你闪烁,泰艺术中心,上海,2023;白天的房子,协力空间,北京,2023;骄阳之下,Fir Gallery,北京,2022;冬季失眠症,索卡艺术中心,北京,2022;莫涅莫辛涅,屿庐青年,十点睡觉艺术中心,北京,2022;美术馆之眼,成都美术馆,成都,2022;罗中立奖学金获奖作品展,四川美术学院美术馆,重庆,2021;光鲜世界,时代美术馆,重庆,2021;釜山青年艺术节,釜山,韩国,2020;重置,CAEA美术馆,重庆,2020;BE-CAUSE OF PAINTING, 首届之江国际青年艺术周,象山艺术公社,杭州,2019;特别质感, CAEA美术馆,重庆,2019;The Delta of Memory,记忆三角洲,SVB艺术中心,阿姆斯特丹,荷兰,2019;杭州东方来信,Inter Youth国际青年绘画巡展,罗中立美术馆,重庆,2019;在地与间离,首届重庆油画双年展,重庆美术馆,重庆,2018;年轻的潮,学院本色历届获奖者个案展,中国美术学院美术馆,杭州,2018;思想的形式,第八届新星星艺术奖,德基美术馆,南京,2017;杏林撷英,中华艺术宫,上海,2017;中国新现实艺术欧洲巡展,瑞士卢塞恩大学美术馆,瑞士,2017;抗体—新视觉艺术节,华美术馆,深圳,2017;获得重要奖项包括:罗中立奖学金,2020;国家奖学金,2019;在地与间离,首届重庆油画双年展优秀奖,2018

Born in 1993, Yunnan, received MFA and BFA degrees in 2020 and in 2017 both at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, department of painting. He was nominated and awarded in global and national honours and also selected for many residencies including the Young Artists Residency Program “The Delta of Memory” in 2018, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, SCFAI Museum Young Artist Residency 2020, Huatai Young Artist Residency Program, etc.
Painting as Zhao Yu’s main form of use, the pictures on the canvas are always constructed as specific, spatial scenes, the images are “placed into” them afterwards. Through the accumulation of pigments, overlapping images, and the strange shapes arranged in the picture, he carries out his visual practice and exploration and also describes his observation and imagination of reality.
He was awarded the Luo Zhongli Scholarship, 2020; National Scholarship, 2019; The first prize of the first Chongqing Oil Painting Biennale, 2018, etc.
Selected exhibitions: Inquiry to The Wall, Soul Art Center, Beijing, 2023; The universe shines for you, Tai Art Center, Shanghai, 2023; 
Glimps of Daylight, Double Double Gallery, 2023; A Place in the Sun, Fir Gallery, Beijing, 2023; A Place in the Sun, Fir Gallery, Beijing, 2022; Winter Insomnia, Soka Art, Beijing, 2022; Mnemosyne, Click Ten Art Space, Beijing, 2022; Art, Gallery Eyes, Chengdu Art Museum, Chengdu, 2022; Interface, PAC Art Center, Tianjin,2021; Luo Zhongli Scholarship, Art Museum of SCFAI, Chongqing, 2021; Nothing Invisible, Times Art Museum, Chongqing, 2021; Busan International Art Festival, Busan, Korea, 2020; Resetting, CAEA Museum, Chongqing, 2020; BE-CAUSE OF PAINTING, Xiangshan Art Commune, Hangzhou, 2019; Unique Texture, CAEA Museum, Chongqing, 2019; The Delta of Memory, SVB Art Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2019; Original, Inter Youth, Art Museum of SCFAI, Chongqing, 2019; Original, Inter Youth, Art Museum of SCFAI, Chongqing, 2018 ; Young Thought, CAA Art Museum, Hangzhou, 2018; Forms as Thoughts, New Star Art Award, Deji Art Museum, Nanjing, 2017; Considerable Elites, China Art Palace, Shanghai, 2017; Zoom-in Chongqing, Art Museum of Lucerne-Design & Art, Switzerland, 2017; Antibody — Fresh Vision, OCT Art & Design Museum, Shenzhen, 2017

Exhibition View

  • 日期: 2024-05-04 - 2024-06-09
  • 地点:北京 Beijing
  • 策展人:陈羽丰 Chen Yufeng
  • 艺术家:包蓉 Bao Rong, 胡佳艺 Hu Jiayi, 金佳辰 Jin Jiachen, 李泽韬 Li Zetao, 王婧 Wang Jing, 谢堃 Xie Kun, 周皞 Zhou Hao, 张婕 Zhang Jie, 赵宇 Zhao Yu
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