inner flow was founded in 2021, a Contemporary Art Development and Promotion Platform fully owned by POP MART. Being open, visionary, and sustainable are inner flow's core values. It integrates artist management, art exhibition, and art accessories development, collection and operation. The agency focuses on promoting pop art through multiple channels. It is inner flow's main goal to create classic, unique, and fashion-forward contemporary art.
inner flow创立于2021年,是POP MART旗下的青年当代艺术运营机构。集艺术家经纪、艺术展览、艺术衍生品开发销售、运营于一体,以开放、前瞻性和可持续性为理念,致力于青年艺术的多渠道推广,用心创造经典、独特、前卫的当代艺术新文化。
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