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梁宗耀:SiO2_H2O_Fe Liang Zongyao:SiO2_H2O_Fe

inner flow Project 


展期:2024.6.15 – 7.21

开幕:6.15 周六 16:00


透明 脆性 不透气 具一定硬度
注意事项:切勿碰撞 谨防刮花 轻拿轻放
固 液 气三种形态
可传递营养物质 代谢废物
性状:味咸 无毒 气辛 性平
功效:平肝 镇心 治惊痫 安心神 坚骨髓 润肌肤
用法:内服煎汤 外用调敷

inner flow Project 

Liang Zongyao:SiO2_H2O_Fe

Duration:2024.6.15 – 7.21

Opening:6.15 Sat 16:00

Venue:inner flow Gallery, East Road, 798 ArtZone, 2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing


Transparent, brittle, impermeable, with certain hardness, chemically inert in daily environments, does not interact with biological entities

Precautions: avoid impact, prevent scratches, handle with care


Solid, liquid, and gas states; capable of transporting nutrients and metabolic waste


Properties: Salty taste, non-toxic, pungent aroma, neutral nature 

Effects: Calms the liver, soothes the mind, treats convulsions, calms the spirit, strengthens bones and marrow, moisturizes the skin

Usage:For internal use, decoct in water; for external use, mix and apply

梁宗耀 Liang Zongyao


Born in Yangjiang, Guangdong in 1996. Graduated from the Fourth Studio of the Sculpture Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree. Graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2024 with a master’s degree.

Liang Zongyao’s artistic creations align with the inherent characteristics and logic of the materials. He meticulously plans to maximize their potential, resulting in a strong visual impact and an interdisciplinary art language. His current focus is on studying glass and metal.

inner flow Project

inner flow Project 是一个不定期出现与持续更新的实验艺术项目,旨在连接各类不限定边界的艺术形式与青年艺术家的表达。我们希望以一种更灵活的方式,突破常规展览机制、空间限制和传播路径,去实现艺术家的完整表达。
inner flow Project is an experimental art platform that appears occasionally and is continuously updated. It aims to connect various art forms that do not set boundaries or limit expressions of young artists. We hope to break through conventional exhibition mechanisms, space limitations and communication paths in a more flexible way to achieve the complete expression of artists.

展览现场 Exhibition View

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