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Curator:Chen Yufeng
Duration:2024.3.22 – 4.28
Opening:3.22 16:00
Venue: East Road, 798 ArtZone, 2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing



展期:2024.3.22 – 4.28

开幕:3.22 16:00


inner flow Gallery将于2024年3月22日推出代理艺术家苏航的个展“急景”,展览将集中呈现艺术家近两年来创作的12件重要作品,这是艺术家在北京的首次个展。

On March 22, 2024, inner flow Gallery will launch the solo exhibition Abandoned Land by artist Su Hang. This solo showcase in Beijing will feature 12 pivotal works created by the artist over the past two years, providing the viewer with a glimpse into his unique and captivating vision.







As the chill of winter fades, these forgotten landscapes awaken from their slumber. With the arrival of spring, suburban greenery erupts in a wild frenzy reminiscent of a post-apocalyptic resurgence, both grandiose and desolate. This sudden burst of life commemorates a period lost in time, where entering these old grounds feels akin to stepping into uncharted territory with no bright sunshine.

In Su Hang’s creations, there’s a palpable sense of density and viscosity, where figures and environments meld together like adhesive, enveloping the world in a haze of mystique. Suburbs, wastelands, forests, and enigmatic figures intertwine on canvas, weaving a tapestry that connects collective experiences and individual imaginations.
In the A Road in the Woods series, Su constructs intricately layered forests through a process of “growth” and “fabrication.” Each shape evolves from the fissure of the preceding event, creating a chain reaction of transformations. Figures, integrated into the forest, traverse deeper into the scene, their backs turned to the audience. For Su, “fabrication” breaks away from the solid foundation of “shaping” developed and trained during the seven college years, as well as the possibility of being wary of falling into the quagmire of “manufacturing” and reaching a spiritual and poetic realm.

Through works like Wading Across the Stones by Feeling for the RiverUsual Place, Grow in the Shade, and The Possible and the Elsewhere, Su unveils surreal landscapes where reality blurs with fiction. Stories adapted from real life unfold against the backdrop of suburbs and forests as the sun, positioned behind the skyline as the stage for absurd dramas, marks fleeting moments that pass unnoticed. Yet, as a celestial body with immense heat, it remains shrouded, never casting its light upon the scene.

In BurrowGodot, and Far and Near, Su explores the intersection of inner creativity and external reality, projecting the human experience onto experimental figures. These works reflect his contemplation of the current AI-generated image trend as he navigates the delicate balance between rationality and human emotion. From “input” to “output,” the artist activates the sensibility and emotions in human nature through “digestion” and translates the abstract language into vivid visual works. The computer algorithms that underpin AI-generated images may be characterized by their rationality, cleanliness, and efficiency, but they lack the memory and imagination of the human brain, which still makes mistakes and remains confused. We cannot deviate from the original impulse of artistic creation and walk straight toward the long road of tools and methods.

Su’s paintings transcend traditional perspectives, deconstructing visual narratives to create a surreal space where images and language intertwine. He replaces the occlusion relationship between foreground and background with the overlay effect of multiple layers, squeezes out contour lines between shapes, or transforms a specific object into another state. Su’s works rely on the relationship between image and language. They use the data stimuli carried by images to adapt to a new painting language and guide the next action through traces of the painting process to derive new images. His paintings display how the world is reconstructed in his brain, reaching a space where reality and fiction overlap.

苏航 Su Hang


他的个展包括:“急景”(inner flow Gallery,北京,2024)“梦游人”(cassoulet,香港,2023)。曾参加群展:“可能的别处”(当代唐人艺术中心,香港,2024);“2024田野笔记”(新氧艺O2art,北京,2024);“后浪拼图”(玉兰堂,北京,2023);“炽热的前路”(inner flow Gallery,北京,2023);“如果你能看见”(当代唐人艺术中心,北京,2023);“崭新的”(inner flow Gallery,北京,2023);“我们这一代—90后的艺术”(山西省当代艺术馆,山西,2023);“搞砸春天”(檀谷·慢闪美术馆,北京,2023);“小孔成像”(南视觉美术馆,南京,2023);“图像的影子——当代绘画的媒介、体制与空间”(谢子龙影像艺术馆,长沙,2023);“初次见面,后会有期”(798悦美术馆,北京,2022);“锐气来袭”中央美术学院毕业创作精品展(遇见博物馆,上海,2022);“interyouth国际青年艺术展”(中国美术学院,杭州,2016)。

Born in Changsha, Hunan in 1996.Graduated from the Third Studio of the Oil Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree.Graduated from the Third Studio of the Oil Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2022 with a master’s degree.


Su Hang’s creation revolves around the relationship between art and politics, exploring through painting based on his individual experience of social reality. He develops artistic practice through different methods. Most of the themes of his paintings are based on multiple and specific personal experiences and problem-conscious, he is committed to forming a method and language that matches himself in the process of exploration.

Solo Exhibitions

“Su Hang: ABANDONED LAND”, inner flow Gallery, Beijing
“Su Hang: The Sleepwalkers”, Cassoulet, Hong Kong, China

Group Exhibitions

“Portraits-Visages of the Young Generation”, Line Gallery, Beijing
“2024 Filed Notes”, O2ART, Beijing
“The Possible and the Elsewhere”, Tang Contemporary Art, Hong Kong Wong Chuk llang Space, Hong Kong, China
“Rearing Wave New Faces of New Painting”, Line Gallery, Beijing
“Development of Painting to Avoid Backward Living”, Author Gallery, Beijing
“The Way Forward”, inner flow Gallery, Beijing
“If You Can See”, Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing Headquarters Gallery Space, Beijing
“Brand New”, inner flow Gallery, Beijing
“Perceptual Track”, Arch Gallery, Changsha
“My Generation: The Art of Post-90s”, Shanxi Contemporary Art Museum, Shanxi
“Broken Spring”, Tanko • Moofland, Beijing
“Pin Imagination”, RCM, Nanjing
“Shadow of Image—The Media, Systems and Spaces of Contemporary Painting”, Xie Zilong Photography Museum, Changsha
“Nice to Meet You Today, Hope to See You Again”, 798 Yue Art Museum, Beijing
“Sharp Edge” The Invitational Exhibition of CAFA Graduates, Meet You Museum, Shanghai
“On Boarding” Art Nova Graduation Exhibition, Tx Huaihai Young Power Center BIP.GALLERY, Shanghai
2021, “Academic Power”, Jinbaohui Art Space, Beijing
2016, “Interyouth International Youth Art Exhibition”, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou

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